Anthony Cudahy -


  • 4 more days of work left before school starts
  • I spent 0 of my summer days thinking about my grad project so now I’m trying to make up for it by spending hours researching other projects instead of actually thinking about what direction I’m going in
  • The past 2 months have been spent with mostly new people… it’s nice to experience new friend groups, but actually getting to know new people is harder than it needs to be
  • My roommate comes back this week after 2 months away. I think I still need more time alone… away from her. Too much gloominess for one person. 
  • Finally received project funding! My touchscreen table will soon be built and installed. I hope.

Matthias Werner Photography

Paintings by Gustavo Peña (via)

Good vibes on the Seawall yesterday…

Venice piece, full shot.  Waiters and spirits and memories…

cat bells path (by Ron Layters)